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Samsung Galaxy SIII vs iPhone 5: Does Android still reign supreme?

After months of hype, the iPhone 5 has finally been announced. But is it better than Android's best device, the Samsung Galaxy SIII? We put the devices head-to-head to find out.

We’ve seen rumour after rumour, more hype than ever before, but finally the iPhone 5 is here. Apple’s latest device was announced alongside a new iPod Touch and iPod Nano, meaning if you like to dabble in Apple products, you’ll be covered for the next year or so. But how does the new iPhone compare to the premier Android device on the market? We’ve taken the specs from both the Galaxy SIII and iPhone 5 to help you make the choice between two of the most eagerly anticipated devices this year.

Design and build

iPhone 5: Apple have always had storng build ethics when designing the iPhone. This installment includes an aliminium body, making it not only a great looking product, but one that won’t feel flimsy in the hand either. It’s also the slimmest iPhone yet, coming it at 7.6mm, and weighing just 112g.

Galaxy SIII: Upon its launch, the SIII was met with some criticism in this department. The look and feel of the device  certainly does  the job well, and despite its size, it feels great in the hand. Despite its monstorous size, however, the SIII still manages to stay slim at 8.6mm, and weighs in at a decent 133g.

Screen and display

iPhone 5: The retina display from the new iPad has made its way on to the 4″ screen of the iPhone 5, offering users a whopping 326PPI, but for users looking for a big screen, 4″ may not be enough. The IPS LCD screen has a resolution of 1136×640, almost giving the phone a rather stretched look.

Galaxy SIII: There’s no doubting that the screen on the Galaxy SIII is definitely one of the best screens around. The 4.8″ Super AMOLED display offers vivid and detailed colours throughout, and uses a 1280×720 resolution with 306PPI density.

OS and user interface

iPhone 5: Apple will run an updated version of iOS 6 in the iPhone 5. New features that users will be able to discover in iOS 6 include Apple’s own map application, and an update to Siri.

Galaxy SIII: Samsung’s device run on Android 4.0, with an update to 4.1 scheduled for October. The device utilises the TouchWiz UI, which Samsung use on most of their devices.

Processor, RAM and storage

iPhone 5: The A6 chip in the iPhone 5 is touted as the fastest yet by Apple, making gaming and multitasking an absolute breeze. The dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM should also keep the new iPhone running smoothly. A downside is that there isn’t a micro SD port for further storage, but cloud storage is available through Apple’s iCloud. As standard with Apple devices, there are three variants of the iPhone 5, with a 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions available.

Galaxy SIII: The SIII packs in a mighty quad-core processor that can handle even the most demanding of games, as well as Exynos 4412 chip. A plus point is that the SIII does come with expandable storage of up to 64GB, and comes with the same three variants at the iPhone 5. Out of the box, SIII users can also take advantage of a free 50GB of cloud storage from Dropbox and 5GB of cloud storage from Google Drive.

Price and availability

iPhone 5: It won’t be cheap to get your hands on the latest iPhone. Pre-orders can currently be taken from the Apple Store, with prices starting at a wallet-bulging £529. You’ll be able to purchase the iPhone from September 21st onwards.

Galaxy SIII: To combat the release of the iPhone  5, Samsung have cut the price of their device. The 16GB variant of the device can be picked up for £449 from several online retailers.


The verdict

There’s no doubt that the iPhone 5 is a great device, that should sell by the bucket load. Even though it’s an improved device over the 4S, the changes included look very minor. The Galaxy SIII doesn’t beat the iPhone 5 in all areas, but it excels in most, and because it’s now available at a reduced price, the SIII is definitely the phone to beat.