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iPhone 3.0 software coming tomorrow!

There are two reasons why the arrival of the 3.0 iPhone software is particularly exciting. The first is that this revision should see the introduction of some much anticipated features that have been missing since the device was announced. The second is that this update will pave the way for a brand new iPhone due to arrive in June.

So what can we expect in the new software release?

Cut and Paste.

People have been desperate for this for a very long time. Over the weekend Diggnation presenter Kevin Rose has revealed that the copy and paste function will be present and that in order to activate it users will need to double tap on a word, the familiar magnifying glass will appear, the word can then be selected and copied, pasted or cut for use elsewhere.


How long does it take you to go from your first home screen through to the last to find an app? This could be a thing of the past with a new improved home screen that will allow users to categorise applications and should make home screens much easier to navigate and applications easier to find.


Its remarkable that the iPhone has never had the ability to send multimedia messsages considering that even the most basic camera-phones have the functionality. The argument from Apple has been that its easier to just send an email with a picture in it, but of course not all mobile owners can access emails as easily as iPhone owners can.


This is a feature that Apple could have added at any point but, as a result of their exclusive contracts with the various carriers around the world, its been something that has required some additional thought. We can pretty accuratley guess that, when this feature is introduced, those people wishing to have tethering initialised, will have to pay extra on their data plans. The tethering option is reported to be made available through both USB and bluetooth.

So, tomorrow should be very interesting. We’re not exactly sure how the event will pan out, as the release my be available immediately or it could be a kind of ‘road map’ event, where a release date is set and the features are discussed. This would then give developers the opportunity to get apps and updates ready for launch day.

It does mean that we can start getting excited about a new iPhone in June, it also means that Apple are back looking at the iPhone after a slew of other Mac related updates.

We’ll have all the news up here tomorrow as well as some reaction and comment on what it means for the future of the iPhone.