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iPads, iPods and Macs on sale by Apple for Black Friday

Save money on a Mac, iPad or iPod this Black Friday with Apple's one-off holiday deals.

Buying anything from Apple is a tough decision – just ask the people who bought the 3rd Generation iPad, only to have it updated six months later. But if you’re looking for a good deal from Apple, there’s no doubt that their Black Friday sale is the best you’re going to get.

The one-day event is to celebrate Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year in the US, on which thousands of stores drop prices to offer good Christmas deals to their customers. Apple is no different, although those hoping to save hundreds on a MacBook will be disappointed. We’ve broken down the best savings below (with links to the UK and US stores).

iPad 2 £21/$31 off

iPad with Retina display £31/$41 off

iPod nano £11/$11 off

iPod (4th Generation) £15/$21 off

iPod Touch (5th Generation) £21/$31 off

All MacBooks £81/$101 off

Magic Mouse/Magic Trackpad/Wireless Keyboard £11/$11 off

Apple EarPods with mic £7/$7 off

iPad Leather Smart Cover £15/$21 off

While it’s great to see some discounts on hardware, the best deals are probably on the cheaper items, such as the Smart Cover, the Earpods, and the Mac accessories. If you’ve wanted a leather Smart Cover for a while, you won’t get it any cheaper than you can today. Let us know in the comments what other great deals you’ve nabbed.