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iPad Tutorial: Use LogMeIn Ignition

Use your iPad to remote control your Mac from anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection

You may already use your iPad to surf the web or type up text documents from the comfort of a Wi-Fi providing cafe. However, many of the applications and files you need access to will be stuck on your laptop or desktop, so you’re still chained to your home or office. For example, say you’ve forgotten to edit and email a photo – and the
deadline is looming. You’ll need to slurp your coffee and head for home to access iPhoto. Thanks to LogMeIn Ignition you can view, edit and share any document on your home-based Mac from your iPad.
Once you’ve bought the LogMeIn Ignition app and installed it onto your iPad, you’ll then need to download and install the free LogMeIn software onto any laptop or desktop computer that you want to remote control. To do this you’ll need to pop along to and create a free account. Once LogMeIn is installed on your home computers, you’re ready to take control via your iPad from anywhere in the world! Make sure that you have Wi-Fi enabled on your iPad, and that your home-based Mac is online. Then follow these steps to interact with your Mac remotely.

Step 1: Add a Computer
Once you’ve created a free account with,
click the Add Computer button. This enables you to
download the LogMeIn software onto your Mac so the
iPad can control it.

2: Launch the app
Launch the LogMeIn Ignition app on your iPad, and
type in the email address and password you used to
create an account at Click the
green Log Me In button.

3: Choose a Mac

You’ll see a list of your Macs that have the free
LogMeIn software installed on them. Click on a Mac.
Enter its user name and password. The iPad will
then remote connect with that Mac.

4: Remote Control Hints
When you connect, LogMeIn will show you a list
of tips to help you use the interface. All the
gestures you need are listed here, but if you don’t
want to see them every time you you can turn
them off.

5: Look around

You can view your Mac’s desktop from your iPad.
You just need to pinch to zoom in for a closer look
at any particular icon you want and drag to pan
around the zoomed-in screen.

6: Take control
Place your finger on the mouse icon and drag to
move it around the screen. Pop the cursor over a
folder and double tap to open it. You can launch
applications from the Dock too.

7: Get to work

Now you can access any application on your home
computer as if you were sitting in front of it. Move
files around, edit text documents and watch video
clips for example.

8: Right click

It can be difficult to hit the virtual mouse’s right-click
button. Tap the white mouse icon at the bottom
of the screen to toggle between right and
left-click operations.

9: End session

The control strip at the bottom of the screen lets
you zoom in with a click, or end the remote session.
You can even put your Mac to sleep if you no
longer need to log in remotely.