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iPad Tutorial: Correct an image using Photogene

Photogene is a photo correction tool that helps you crop images, rotate them, adjust colours, apply effects, use filters, and further manipulate images to improve their quality

Not every photograph looks perfect after you press the shutter button. With Photogene, you can correct an image by adjusting the colours and tweaking the exposure. You can also crop images to select just the best portion and add a border that looks like a picture frame. Thankfully, all of these tools are readily accessible on the iPad and provide a great deal of professional-level control. The effects and filters in Photogene are quite amazing. There are options to give images a cool Twenties retro look with lens shading, a black and white image, and a vivid colour treatment. Filters enhance an image with a pencil look or a posterised flat-colour style.
Not only is Photogene a good editor, removing imperfections and providing filters that liven up an image, but it also helps you adjust the pixel resolution of images. For example, you can downgrade a high-res photo to just 320 pixels in width to make it easier to email. The app also lets you post images to Twitter and Facebook, or send the final photograph via email.

1: Obtain an image
Taking shots is easy with the iPad 2, but the iPad 1 does not let you snap photos, unless you add the camera accessory. You can email photos to yourself and then save them to the photo album, or download them from the web. When you start Photogene, select Photo Albums to find saved images.

2: Make simple adjustments
Before applying any filters and effects, you can crop an image by selecting only the portion you want. Press the scissors icon (lower left) and select the portion you want, then press ‘Crop’. Use the rotate icon (second from left) to rotate the image.

3: Apply effects and filters
The main purpose of Photogene is to adjust the colours of an image and apply effects and filters. Use the effects icon (third from left) and the filters icon (fourth from left). To adjust colours, press the colour icon on the bottom row.

4: Upload your image
You can also adjust the colour level with the icon that looks like a bar graph and add frames and borders. When you’re done, press the globe icon (upper right) to upload your photo to Twitter or Facebook. You can also copy it to the clipboard or email the image.

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