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iPad Tutorial: Access a world of online video content

We explain how to get the most out of YouTube on your iPad. It works using both 3G and Wi-Fi

The built-in YouTube iPad app is a lesson in thoughtful design, and manages to bring the desktop experience to a mobile device while maintaining all of the functionality of the main web portal that YouTube uses.
With a YouTube account in place you can save favourites, share videos with friends and comment on videos you like, and your changes will be accessible on your desktop automatically. It all sounds very simple and on the whole it is, but some pointers will help you to get even more out of the experience.
It is worth remembering that should you use the service on a 3G iPad, you will be pushing a hefty amount of data, so be aware of the limits your network provider has imposed on your account. Wi-Fi is the recommended solution for YouTube use on an iPad because it speeds up the loading of videos and also makes the experience feel more like the one you have come to expect on a desktop. The iPad YouTube app really does bring every feature to your mobile life, and here we will show you how to get up and running in no time and how to make the most of its potential. It’s all free so you have no reason not to try it for yourself.

1: Getting started
To use every feature in YouTube on the
iPad, you’ll need to set up an account
(or use an existing one). Go to and click the Create
Account option in the top right-hand

2: Create an account
Complete the information and then set
up a new Google account (or use your
existing one in the next page). This
completes the straightforward process
for setting up a new YouTube account.

3: Make YouTube personal
Open the YouTube app and tap the
favourites icon. Tap the Sign In icon
(top-left) to input your username and
password. You’ll now have access to
your uploaded videos, favourites and

4: Explore the content
You are now free to explore the wealth
of content within YouTube. When you
tap a video to watch it, you’ll see icons
at the top of the screen that you can
use to mark favourites or share videos
with friends.

5: Fully in step
Any changes you make to your YouTube
account on the iPad will be mirrored on
your desktop, and vice versa. You can
think of the iPad YouTube app as a direct
replacement for the web version.

6: Keep track
YouTube includes a history icon (on the
bottom of the screen) that shows your
most recently viewed videos. This is
particularly useful if you forget to add a
previously viewed video to your
favourites list.