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iPad News Roundup

As usual, in the run up to an Apple release (the big ones anyway) there is a deluge of news concerning the iPad.

iPadAdStillAs usual, in the run up to an Apple release (the big ones anyway) there is a deluge of news concerning the iPad. Not only have we been hearing about potential apps, delivery status reports and where will be selling them, we’ve also been hearing about the future of the web and how the iPad is influencing it. So, rather than re-write the excellent stories we’ve seen around the web – we’ll sum them up for you and give you a handy link so you can read them in full if you like.

Apple starts to ship iPads – from

Most of the other blog sites are reporting this too thanks to reader feedback. Those who made the first iPad orders are having their units shipped. There’s no chance of them arriving early though as Apple will hold them back to make sure.

Apple to sell 10 million iPads this year – from

This story is obviously based on speculation but analyst Katy Huberty at Morgan Stanley is citing that iPad suppliers are now forecasting shipments of 8-10 million iPads for calendar year 2010.  This is twice as much as has been previously been predicted.

Brightcove announce HTML5 uptake – from

This may not seem like massive news but Brightcove provide media for some of the biggest names on the web and their decision to support HTML5 just shows how massive they believe the iPad will be.

The iPad reshaping the internet – from

This story follows on from the Brightcove announcement and offers a few more examples of how seriously companies are thinking about having the iPad view their content.

hardware-04-20100127iPad camera kit available for pre-order – from

The ability to load pictures form an SD card directly onto the iPad is very cool but that doesn’t stop Engadget having a pop at the price of the unit.

Best Buy to have limited iPad stocks – from

This is a very interesting story if you plan to go to Best Buy to get your iPad. According to a leaked document they are only holding 5 of each model at stores that have Apple products in them.

iBook Store to offer low cost self publishing – from

We had a feeling this was coming and we’re really pleased that it is – Apple are said to be offering incredibly cheap ways for authers to submit work to the iBook Store. This means anyone can publish a book. Look out for our original tale about a boy who becomes a magical man-witch. Its called Gareth Smith…

iPad App Store details leaked – from

Pictures and details of how the App Store has been optimized for the App Store. The bigger screen allows for cool features like Cover Flow. There’s also some info on the reappearance of the Explicit category.