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iPad mini reviews – how does Apple’s new tablet size up?

Early iPad mini reviews are in ahead of the tablet's 2nd November launch. Find out how it sizes up against the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD with our round-up.

iPad mini reviews - main

With the iPad mini launching this Friday (2nd November), a number of reviews have already made their way online. All in all, reaction to the iPad mini has been pretty positive, with most reviewers praising its form factor and build quality as well as its rich ecosystem of tablet-ready apps. On the negative side, the lofty starting price of £269/$329 (for the 16GB with Wi-Fi model) has been a bit of a sticking point, as has the iPad mini’s screen, which features a lower resolution than the third and fourth generation iPads.

We’ve rounded up a selection of some of the best early iPad mini reviews below along with a with a few choice quotes from reviewers. Don’t forget, you can find out everything you need to know about Apple’s mini tablet in our next issue which is on sale on Newsstand tomorrow with a special iPad mini launch price of just £1.99/$2.99.

The Verge

The iPad mini hasn’t wrapped up the “cheapest tablet” market by any stretch of the imagination. But the “best small tablet” market? Consider it captured. – Joshua Topolsky


Its cost is compelling, its design superb and it of course gives access to the best selection of tablet-optimized apps on the market.  To consider it just a cheap, tiny iPad is a disservice. This is, simply, a great tablet. – Tim Stevens


Apple isn’t looking at this as $329 versus $199. They’re looking at this as an impossibly small iPad 2 sold at the most affordable price for an iPad yet. In other words, they’re not looking at the tablet competition. This isn’t a tablet. It’s an iPad. – MG Siegler

The Wall Street Journal

The $329 price may well tempt some budget-conscious buyers who have lusted for an iPad. But Apple believes the lower size and weight, not the price, are the key attractions. – Walter Mossberg


With iOS having such reach, this is another way to use it, another form. It’s as simple as that. The iPad Mini probably isn’t for everyone, and that’s exactly the point. – Scott Stein

The Loop

Anything that is simply shrunk down or scaled up feels amateurish. The iPad mini feels like an iPad, it’s something you can have fun with and accomplish tasks on. – Jim Dalrymple