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iPad Case Review: OtterBox Commuter

Incredible protection for $64.95

Otterbox is renowned for protective cases but the company’s ability to prevent gadgets from harm often means it is overlooked when it comes to regular cases. The Commuter series for iPad offers a great deal of protection (as we would expect) but doesn’t offer any of the massive bulk required for those who what to go rock climbing or bungee jumping while using their device. This is a snap-on plastic case that not only protects the back of the iPad, but also covers the sides and parts of the front too. There are holes with silicone plugs for all the ports and there is also a snap-off part at the bottom so you can dock the iPad without having to remove the whole case – a brilliant time-saving feature.
The outer plastic is hard and smooth, which means that placing the iPad in and out of a bag is as easy as can be. The Commuter is a little thicker than some of the other cases we’ve reviewed, but we’ll accept this knowing that there are three layers of protection within it and that it has the OtterBox seal of approval. The plugs around the ports can be a little annoying – we’d actually prefer that they weren’t there at all. With the case on the iPad doesn’t feel bulky at all. In fact, it feels sleek and even stronger than it does out of the case. We are also big fans of having the Apple logo visible on the back of the device – just so everybody knows we’re using an iPad and not some poor imitation device! This is a perfect everyday case, but users must remember that as it’s much cheaper than the more protective cases out there and it obviously isn’t designed to take a fall while skateboarding or paintballing, for example. Overall this is an incredibly competent iPad case and well worth the outlay. We highly recommend it.