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iOS Mac icon project: Launchpad

Today, Launchpad gets a complete redesign as part of our iOS 7 Mac icon project

icon comparison
After a few days of puzzling over this one, I’ve finally come up with an idea I like for Launchpad.
I spent a long time working out the best way to ‘iOS 7-ify’ the design while keeping it familiar enough, and in the end this is what I came up with.

At first I concentrated on recreating the diagonal rocket, but after a few colour tests I realised that the icon needed a broader change than just a new colour. I started coming up with a few ideas before eventually conceiving this one while walking into work. That app’s called Launchpad, right? So why not put an actual launchpad on it…

Once I’d put this together (maintaining the rocket icon to ensure it’s still recognisable as a launchpad) I turned my attention to colouring. I felt it was best to draw a colour gradient directly from iOS 7; I’m actually really glad I worked on the Photo Booth icon yesterday because ultimately I chose the red from that design here, too. I tried purples, greys and blues (which worked well but I didn’t want another blue icon), before realising that the final design brings to mind a big red launch button – perfect for Launchpad.

After struggling for a while, I actually really enjoyed this design; once I’d had the idea for the design it was plain sailing. You can grab the finished icon below, along with all the other icons I’ve worked on in the last few weeks – iTunes, Safari, Mail, Mac App Store, Messages and Photo Booth. You can also download Candybar from here to help with applying the icons and organising them as your collection expands.