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iOS 7 Mac icon project: Time Machine

Two icons in one day?! Well, only because we forgot to hit Post on yesterday's. This time it's Time Machine getting the redesign treatment

icon comparison
To make up for not posting an icon yesterday (I wrote it and had the icon finished, but for some reason just forgot to hit Post), you’re getting two for the price of one today.
Time Machine was a really fun icon to design, as the colour palette in the original gave me a number of options for the new design.

I kept to the circular shape that has been regular throughout the icons, and widened the circular icon to fit with the iOS 7 widening that happened with several icons. The clock hands got something of a small design tweak, and then I turned my attention to the gradient.

Before I even started, I knew that I wanted a shade of turquoise as the lighter colour at the top of the icon, and then I started experimenting with the greens that feature in the old icon. In the end I decided a splash of blue worked quite nicely, giving a new twist to the design without making it hard to recognise.

As always, get this and the other icons in the project below. I’ve almost had enough of directing you to Candybar at this stage, so you may not see that recommendation again. Tomorrow I’ll probably work more on the slightly awkward Game Center and then turn my attention to TextEdit, before taking a two-week break from the whole thing to go on holiday. I’ll pick it up again when I get back, probably starting with the iLife apps.


App Store
iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash
iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash
iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash
Full Trash

App Store              iTunes              Messages               Safari             Reminders              Trash               Calculator

iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash

..Finder              Launchpad               Mail                   Notes              Photo Booth          Calendar

iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash
Mission Control
           iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash          
System Preferences

Contacts            Dashboard     Mission Control        FaceTime      System Preferences     Preview

Time Machine