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iOS 7 Mac icon project: System Preferences

System Preferences gets the iOS 7 makeover treatment in the latest icon design in our project

icon comparison
Goodness me, this one was awkward.
A combination of annoying shadows and cogs that I had to create manually made it a pretty time-consuming affair, and just when I thought the icon was done I put it in the Dock and it just didn’t look right. It took a fair bit of extra tinkering until I was happy with it, but here it is.

After a bit of deliberation I stuck with the System Preferences shape from OS X, and at first I had a rectangular section that contained the cogs. It just didn’t look right, though, so instead I used the circular design from iOS 7 and mixed it with the rectangle. I’m really happy with the final design, but I also considered that the circle at the centre of the icon would be a different size to the other circular designs from the project (like Safari, iTunes etc). Because of this, I also made a round version of the icon, so if you prefer to keep everything uniform you can grab it right at the bottom of this post.

As always, you can grab the other icons in my project below. You should also get hold of Candybar – you’ll need it tomorrow, because I’ll be redesigning the Trash icon and Candybar makes changing it much easier.

App Store

App Store              iTunes              Messages               Safari             Reminders


Finder               Launchpad                Mail                   Notes              Photo Booth

Mission Control
Contacts            Dashboard     Mission Control        FaceTime

System Preferences

The round icon fits better with the others in the project, but I can’t help but feel it loses a bit of OS X charm


System Preferences Round