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iOS 7 Mac icon project: QuickTime Player X

QuickTime Player becomes the first user-request to be made as part of the iOS 7 Mac icon project

iOS 7 quicktime icon comparison

So, I’ve started working on requests, and this one was high up the list because it’s one of the few system icons I haven’t actually designed yet – QuickTime Player. Obviously there was no equivalent for this app on iOS, but I ended up working on a couple of options that evolved over time.

I started with the iOS Remote app as a basis for the icon; the combination of simple shapes and a blue gradient looks great on the iPhone and iPad. I worked on it for a while, but as I recreated it and tweaked it slightly for the style I’ve been working on, I realised that it looked too similar to the App Store and Safari logos, and was really just lost in the Dock.

iOS 7 Quicktime icon in the Dock

I switched the colours around and the results are much better. The icon now stands out against the other apps, and looks bright and clear. I tried for a while to work the Q shape into the ring that surrounds the play icon in the centre, but it never quite looked right. Instead, I developed an alternative icon option which adds the Q into the centre of the icon. Grab them both and you can choose whichever you prefer.

Alternative iOS 7 quicktime icon in the Dock

Maps will probably be next, as the next system icon I haven’t yet worked on, but after that I’ll pick at random from the list.

iOS 7 Quicktime icon downloadAlternative iOS 7 QuickTime icon download