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iOS 7 Mac icon project: Notes

Today's icon, Notes, gets the iOS 7 redesign treatment in the latest installment of the ongoing project

icon comparison
Notes was a little more difficult than I expected.
The advantage that the old icon has is that it includes some hand-written text; even though the lines aren’t clearly visible on the icon, you can tell where they are thanks to the text. On my icon I didn’t want text cluttering up the clean design, so in the end, after some experimentation, I thickened the lines to ensure they show up. They’re still subtle, but they’re visible enough to be seen when the icon is in the Dock without looking abnormally large.

My only other concern with my icon is was it was too close to Apple’s old design, and doesn’t bring in as many design cues from iOS 7 as I would like. With that in mind I started working on a flatter design; ultimately when I put it in the Dock this icon didn’t look quite right, despite being closer to iOS 7’s design. I’ve included it at the bottom of this post for those that do want it, but for me the slightly angled version sits in the Dock nicely.

You can grab all the other icons in my project in their various pages (iTunes, Safari, Mail, Mac App Store, Messages, Photo Booth, Launchpad and Finder – and yes, I do need a better way of doing this), and get the Notes icon at full resolution below. You should also grab Candybar, which will help with applying the icons.


Here is the flat icon in the dock, and you can grab it at full resolution below, if you prefer the squared-up design:

The design is closer to iOS 7, but the icon just doesn’t look as good next to the other icons in the Dock


I’ve included the icon below so you can grab it if you want a flatter theme