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iOS 7 Mac icon project: Mission Control

Finish off the left-hand side of your Dock with this Mission Control design from the iOS 7 Mac icon project

icon comparisonBefore I head off for a long weekend in the sun, I’ve put together a new icon for Mission Control. It was as tough one to work out; on the one hand I wanted to start with the current icon and adapt it for a more iOS 7-like look, but in the end sticking to this path didn’t provide good enough results. I first attempted a colourful version of the current logo, with blocks of colour on a grey background, before aping the look of the iOS 7 multi-tasking menu very closely. In the end this looked like a colourful film strip, and after a little frustration I started to look at Apple’s web pages for inspiration.

While browsing the iOS 7 pages I came across the icon Apple has been using to show off its new multi-tasking system. It was bright and colourful, and while it didn’t look massively like Mission Control’s interface, I felt that it did a good job of showing what Mission Control’s icon represents. After a little work adapting it for the Mac, this is what I ended up with.

mission-control-in-dockFirst, I widened the windows in the icon; in the iOS 7 version the tall windows are obviously similar to the screen of an iPhone in portrait, but on Mac, windows are usually wider than they are tall. I also worked on a couple of versions, one with a plain white background and one with a grey gradient. I prefer the white design, as it’s closer to what Apple has been doing with the iOS 7 icons, but I’ve included the darker design below for those that still want Mission Control to look similar in the dock.

Grab the icon below, along with the other icons in my redesign project, and don’t forget that Candybar can make storing and applying icons much easier.

App Store

App Store               Finder                iTunes              Launchpad               Mail                Messages


Notes             Photo Booth            Safari                Contacts             Dashboard

Mission Control
The white icon can be downloaded by right-clicking, choosing Open Image in New Tab, and dragging it to your desktop


Mission Control Black
This black icon is closer to the old Mission Control icon design, but looks less like an iOS 7 icon