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iOS 7 Mac icon project: Game Center

Today we take a look at Game Center, the latest download in the iOS Mac icon project

icon comparison
I really love the result for this icon, but the process was a lot more complex than it might first appear.
As with the Preview icon from earlier this week, coloured shapes overlapping don’t actually recreate the same mixed colour that Apple has used in its icons. For example, the crossed blue and yellow bubbles don’t actually make the nice, bright green that you see in the finished icon.

Because of this, I created the bubbles first, concentrating on getting the colours and reflections right, then moved onto the mixes. These had to be done individually, and I made and edited shapes where the circles overlapped, colouring them in to create the effect that the colours were merging. This was quite time consuming, especially the pink bubble, which overlaps with all three of the other bubbles in several ways.

Still, I’m happy with the result, and actually think it’s one of the best icons in the project so far. You can download it below, along with the others in the project. Tomorrow is TextEdit, if all goes to plan.

App Store
iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash
iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash
iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash
Full Trash

App Store              iTunes              Messages               Safari             Reminders              Trash               Calculator

iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash
Time Machine

..Finder              Launchpad               Mail                   Notes              Photo Booth          Calendar        Time Machine

iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash
Mission Control
           iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash          
System Preferences

Contacts            Dashboard     Mission Control        FaceTime      System Preferences     Preview

Game Center2