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iOS 7 Mac icon project: Finder [Updated with black version]

Complete the left-hand side of your Dock with the Finder icon from our iOS 7 Mac icon project

icon comparison

Update: Lots of people wanted a version of the icon with black lines as a second option, so I’ve added it to the bottom of this post. Feel free to grab them both and pick whichever you prefer!

After struggling with Launchpad yesterday, it’s not even clear to me why I decided to tackle a beast like Finder today. It’s not the easiest icon to redesign; based on the smiling face from the original Macintosh, the icon doesn’t really say anything about finding things, and changing it to something like a magnifying glass would be too reminiscent of a search bar or Spotlight to make it useable.

In the end I decided to simplify the icon, and change the black areas to white in fitting with the rest of the icons in iOS 7. The glassy effect is gone, replaced by two simple gradients based on colours that feature in iOS 7’s icon pack, and the lines no longer overlap the edges of the background. The blue colour on the right is lighter than the grey that is in the current icon, but I feel it’s much more appropriate for an iOS 7-styled icon. I worked on a circular design at first, with the outline of the other icons and a dividing line through the middle, but it didn’t quite work, and after playing around with rectangles for a while longer I eventually settled on a rounded square. It’s probably fairly obvious, but the curvature of the square matches that of iOS 7 exactly. I don’t think I’ll be using this shape in any other icons, as I don’t simply want square icons with rounded corners across the Dock, but for Finder it works because the app is unlike any other and the shape and colour will hopefully make it stand out.finder-in-dock

As always, grab the icon below, get the others from here (iTunes, Safari, Mail, Mac App Store, Messages, Photo Booth and Launchpad) and download Candybar – for Finder it’s the easiest and safest way to replace the icon, so it’s well worth it here.

(Originally posted on July 26th 2013)


Finder black