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iOS 7 Mac icon project: Adobe Creative Cloud

Download the latest icon in the iOS 7 icon project at the start of a week of Adobe app icons

icon comparison

Happy New Year! We’re back in iCreate Towers and I’ve started work once again on my iOS 7 icon project. For the next week or so I’m going to be focusing on some of Adobe’s apps as I know a lot of our readers use them daily. I’ve started with the Creative Cloud icon – admittedly it’s not one you’ll see in your Dock all that often but I thought it was as good a place to begin as any.

The cloud shape was pretty straightforward – just a case of adding two circles and a rectangle in a single layer – but the two ‘C’ shapes were considerably more troublesome. I ended up editing a circle and manually adding the inner curve and straight ends as it was easier than drawing completely from scratch.


I also worked on a few different colours schemes, all of which are available below. I started out with what turned out to be my final design, with white shapes on a red cloud. However, I decided to reverse these colours to create a more standard CC icon. While changing the colours over I accidentally switched the inner shapes to a very dark grey, and I actually really liked the results. This design, along with variations on these colours and a red-on-white icon can all be downloaded from the link below so you can pick the one you like best from the bunch.

I’ll be working on the individual apps over the next week or so; they’ll mostly be straightforward so I may do a couple at a time if possible.

As this icon comes as part of a set, click here to download a zip file containing all of them. As ever, grab LiteIcon to make applying the icons much easier, and check out this guide on how to use it if you’re stuck.

Download icon set

Adobe Creative Cloud