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iOS 7 in gifs – An animated guide (Updated – now with iPad)

The stills of iOS 7 simply don't do it justice, but these gifs gathered from around the web may help

The images of iOS 7, whether released by Apple or not, simply don’t do the new operating system justice in our opinion, so we thought we would gather some smart examples of the new UI in gif form. We’ve been blown away by the way it moves and feels on the iPhone, and while there’s room for improvement in some areas, we remain impressed. We’ll let you decide for yourself with these images.


Multitasking is one of the big improvements with iOS 7, featuring screen previews of your active apps and a simple ‘swipe up to close’ gesture. Much nicer than tapping that little X button (original here).


Here’s the Phone interface. Couple of things here. First, you have the app zooming in and out as it opens and closes. This is common across iOS 7 and looks fantastic. Also note that the wallpaper shows through the numbers and they are entered. There are so many touches like this that serve no particular function, but are fun and just look really cool (original here).


Something that perhaps didn’t come across well enough was this tilt generated parallax effect on your home screen with iOS 7. This operating system is all about layers. If you have a notification button on an app icon, that’s actually on another layer again and moves a little independently when you tilt your phone (original here).


This is a really nice animation showing the metric by which Apple has designed its app icons. You can see from this that while there are some big differences between some of the apps right now, there is a coherent line of thinking to them on some level (original here).


This is a really simple one. Just the new on/off switches you’ll be seeing in your Settings app with iOS 7 (original here).


One of our favourite little features so far. This is a spirit level in the Compass app. Flat it uses this two-circle system and in landscape it’s like a horizon line. Very smart (original here).


And finally… here’s a nice Gif of what iOS 7 is looking like on the iPad since the second Beta was released to developers (original here)