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iOS 7 final release date estimated for Friday 20th September

iOS 7 will see a full public release on Friday 20th September, with the iPhone 5S launched ten days before on Tuesday 10th September, according to Cult of Mac.

iOS Beta History by Will Hains (
Chart by Will Hains (

iOS 7 and the iPhone 5S will launch in September, according to some impressive number-crunching from Cult of Mac.

Based on previous the average timings of previous iOS beta releases, Cult of Mac have calculated a release schedule for Apple’s latest version of iOS:

We calculated the average time it took for an iOS x.0 beta release to move on to the next beta. Here’s what we found:

  • Beta 1 – lasts 14.75 days
  • Beta 2 – lasts 15.4 days
  • Beta 3 – lasts 15 days
  • Beta 4 – lasts 18.6 days
  • Beta 5 – lasts 17.8 days
  • Beta 6 – lasts 11 days

So if Apple keeps to this schedule with iOS 7, here are the iOS 7 release dates we’re looking at:

  • Beta 2 – Monday, June 24th
  • Beta 3 – Wednesday, July 10th
  • Beta 4 – Thursday, July 25th
  • Beta 5 – Monday, August 12th
  • Beta 6 – Friday, August 30th
  • Gold Master – Tuesday, September 10th
  • iOS 7 Final – Friday, September 20th

These estimates certainly make a lot of sense and, given that Apple tend to announce a new iPhone during this time of the year, it would put the iPhone 5S on track for a launch on the same date as the release of the iOS 7 Golden Master. Cult of Mac point to the fact that Apple generally release a new iPhone on a Tuesday, ten days before the public release of a new version of iOS, so everything seems to check out here.

As with all things Apple, though, nothing is set in stone. With iOS 7 shaping up to be Apple’s most significant version of iOS since the launch of the iPhone, there’s every chance that Jony Ive and Co. might wish to take their time to get things right, which could see a slightly skewed schedule.