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Interview – App Developer Frederico Machuca

We have a natter with Frederico Machuca, a 22-year-old developer who lives in Curitbia, Brazil. He produced Human Invasion using iPhone app creation tool GameSalad that was covered by iPKF (link) in September this year.

IPKF: Why did you decide to use GameSalad?


FM: I have always been a huge fan of videogames. And at some point when I was a kid I decided that I definitely wanted to work in the industry. So I started studying 3D. I never was the programmer kind of guy and the closest I got to it was making some games with ActionScript2 on Flash six or seven years ago. Since I work closer to the visual part of any creation, I needed something easy and functional to make the bridge between my creations and the complex numbers and codes of game programming. I accidentally found GameSalad’s website about 8 months ago. It was a great experience – you can create a playable game prototype in a couple of hours.

IPKF: How easy is it for a novice?

FM: Its incredibly easy. You really have to open the software and play with it to see what I’m talking about. Of course, having studied a little of Actionscript2 a couple of years ago, makes ‘thinking the game’ a little easier. If I decide to create a walking character, then I drag a few rules together and its done! Now i want to make him have a jetpack? Just add one or two rules to the already existing group of rules. Make him fire some lasers? One or two more rules. And all that in a couple of minutes. HumanInvasion

IPKF: Can it produce games for a variety of genres in your opinion?

FM: It has many features already, making it enough to create a few game genres. But it’s a 2D engine, so many 3D-friendly-genres like FPS are a little harder if not impossible to create at the moment. But rememb that the software is still beta 0.6. so there is still a lot of stuff to happen.

IPKF: How does is compare to other packages you have used?

FM: Well, I can only compare it to Flash’s ActionScript2. And I can say, GS is definitely way easier than Flash. But, Flash’s possibilities are way ahead. Its kind of a trade you make. But as future GS updates come up, we all hope that these differences get smaller and smaller.

IPKF: Will you continue to use it?


FM: I hope so! I have some game prototypes already done in GS, one of them uploaded to the website, so everyone could test it online. But still the software lacks features that I really need, in order to make any kind of progress on these prototypes, and turn them into ‘complete’ games. I still feel that GameSalad is at a point where I can make great prototypes in no time but still not a complex, and serious game. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying that simple is bad, but sometimes we need more than that.


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To find out more about creating applications with GameSalad and learn more developer secrets, check out issue 76 of iCreate Magazine, on sale 17/12/09.