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Instagram for Android review

Instagram is one of many photo-editing apps available on the Google Play store. But is it the best?

The Instagram app has long been established as one of the most sophisticated and best designed photography apps available for iOS, and now finally it’s readily available for Android devices.

There are two very distinct sides to the apps that will cater for two very different audiences. On one side you have a strong social aspect, with the ability to contact other users and add your Facebook contacts to your Instagram experience. There’s a profile system that can be used to showcase your details and what photos you like; although it was a little bit basic when compared to many other social media juggernauts. As you browse through photos, you can leave comments and ‘like’ them, or follow that person’s photo stream to have full access to any photo they then upload.

The photography aspects will cater for any novices looking to add a simple effect to one of their photo’s, or seasoned photographers looking for a new way to edit and showcase their work. There are a variety of effects that can be applied, including many colour and light variations. Simple editing techniques like cropping are also present, and clearly labelled making them easy to find. The more serious editors will take much joy from the range of options available, and the more detailed options can be uncovered by exploring the app fully.

Once you’ve finished editing your photo, there’s a new set of options ready for you to customise. You can choose to add geotags to give your photo a location, but these occasionally didn’t recognise the location we had inputted into it. Various social media pages are then listed, and you can choose which, if any, of these sites you want to add your photo to. Depending on the level of editing you did on the photo, uploading can be a little slow.

If your photo gets enough likes and comments it’ll eventually makes its way on to the Popular page. This page showcases the best photos in the past 24 hours, and is a great of sourcing new photo streams for you to follow and making new contacts. Alongside that is the News page, where the recent activity of your contacts is listed. You’ll usually see what your contacts have been uploading, as well as the photos they’ve been commenting on. There’s a personal news page where you can see any recent photos you’ve been involved with. This is one of many signs of the integration between photography and social media that Instagram have tried to create, and it works wonders in nearly every instance.

Although there are plenty of other plenty of other apps when it comes to editing photos, not many can compare to the sleekness and usability of Instagram. Throw in some solid social media aspects and you’ve got yourself one of the classiest Android apps available to download from the Google Play store.