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Inside WWDC with ustwo™ – Day 3: Nothing But Tech

Today has been all about technology - 100% of the time!

Screen shot 2010-06-01 at 11.41.29Today has been all about technology – 100% of the time! Literally session after session of nothing but technology. We’ve either been looking at the new and latest stuff, or been taking advanced deep dives into older APIs. We’ve been filling our notepads to the brim on how to best use the platforms.

Each day leaves us feeling absolutely overwhelmed by it all, so much to do and so little time to do it. Almost each time you go into a session hall there are at least one or two sessions starting, which you’d also like to attend. If only we could make them all.

Today was also our first true experience of the labs available to all developers where you can talk to Apple engineers about problems you are having with your code. Also very helpful, quite fun to be talking to the people that actually make the APIs and get some advice.

Along side the main conference there is also an endless array of parties around WWDC. There are several evenings out hosted each night by various companies or groups surrounding Apple and iPhone. They’re in general really good fun and packed out with industry people. It’s possible the copious amounts of free beer helps increase and gear up the fun factor…

Seems like everyone is in the mood since Apple has managed to release two killer products this year. But let’s not forget the software – Apple has managed to release a whole new OS that’s way more complex than ever before, develop the new devices, produce the documentation and support for developers and also work and improve the tools we use everyday.
It’s impressive how Apple manages all their products so efficiently. It’s not purely down to having a big team and money – what impresses us most is that they are so well organised and everything they do is absolutely perfect (never sub standard).

The new tools are really focused on making our lives easier and this ultimately means the developer will optimise their own apps. Apple understands that as developers we need great tools to make great apps.