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Inside WWDC with ustwo™ – Day 1: New iPhone!

Daily reports from developers attending WWDC 2010

Screen shot 2010-06-01 at 11.41.29WWDC is Apple’s annual opportunity to speak face-to-face to the development community.  App-makers extrodinaire ustwo™ have sent two of their best developers over to San Francisco for what is the most important two weeks of the year as far as they are concerned. Victor Essnert is Head of Development at the Studio of Dreams and he’s accompanied by Luis Ferreira who is the Lead Developer at ustwo™. Together they will be reporting back to iCreate so we can let you know what is happening as this week unfolds. Here is their first report:


“Totally crazy morning, we get there (Moscone Centre) for 6:00am to stand in a series of lines to get into the keynote. There must have been about 1000 people in front of us waiting to get in. Great though, Apple really knows how to put on a show, everything is thought through, designed and planned. Except for internet access, 5200 eager Apple geeks all trying to tweet the same thing at the same time made it impossible to access anything.

The keynote started at 10:00am and was of course cool, some people where so excited that they couldn’t sit still but where bouncing up and down clapping. The iPhone 4 looks awesome, I want it!

We weren’t expecting to hear about the FaceTime feature and then the “one more thing…” came up and we were introduced to it. Video chat is nothing new but looks like Apple came up with a different and more reliable approach that makes the technology work in most environments.

The new iPhone is a giant leap forward in handset design and functionality. Apple has once again pushed the mobile industry forward meaning as usual competitors will be playing catch-up.

It’s going to be interesting to see what others will say and produce in response to it. The best thing about the iPhone is that it not only looks amazing but you now have rich, fully enabled media from production to post processing on a handheld device that fits in your pocket. This includes the best looking display, audio, video, conferencing and streaming…

Multitasking is going to be great. Let’s say you’re watching a game and need to check your email or tweets – you can therefore leave it running playing in the background whilst doing your stuff, and if you missed something, and need to watch it again (i.e. someone scored!) you can do it very easily with almost no delays.

Great first day – more to come tomorrow.”