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Tutorial: Importing from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Preview can help you import photos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch directly onto your Mac. To understand how this is done, follow these simple steps.

From the early days of Mac OS 9 to the present Snow Leopard, Preview has evolved.
In fact, with the advent of portable devices, such as smart phones, digital cameras and tablets, Preview is doing more than just keeping up with these modern tools; it allows you to simplify and improve their use.
Indeed, Preview now offers the unique ability to retrieve photos and pictures from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and, through a set of smart features, ensures that your time spent downloading photos from your portable device is not wasted. The extended information – displayed for each of the documents – and handy editing tools allow Preview to go further than just matching your adoption of new technology with a few appropriate functionalities. Since some of the more relevant features of Mac OS X’s built-in photo download utilities have been integrated to Preview, there are now new ways to retrieve and edit the pictures coming from your iPhone/iPad.

1: Get set
Ensure the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is plugged in correctly and turned on. Launch Preview from your Applications folder. In the File menu, select ‘Import from’ and the name of your portable device.

2: View your pictures
A window showing you a list of all the pictures on your iPhone/iPad will open. Information, such as thumbnail view, name, size, creation date and extensive photographic parameters, will be displayed in the main area.

3: Get organised
Below the picture list, a set of buttons allows you to toggle between list and icon view; rotate and delete pictures; change the location to which the documents are to be imported; and change the thumbnail size.

4: Import
To the right-hand side of the toolbar, the Import and Import All buttons enable you to choose a single retrieval or a complete download of all the photos available. Click the relevant button to start the Import.