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Implosion review: Aliens on Android

Battle aliens with Implosion, the tactical post-apocalyptic game from Rayark International

From the moment you witness the ultra-polished intro sequence, you know you’re in for a console-quality title with Implosion – Never Lose Hope.

This is just as well considering the premium price tag. While the game is free to download and try out the first six stages, you’ll need to shell out a one-off fee of £8.21/$9.99 to unlock the whole thing. You get a lot of game for your money, though, as indicated by its hefty 1.1GB size.

Your battle-suit-wearing character (codename Avalon) is sent to investigate a post-apocalyptic Earth overrun by alien life forms. The hack-and-slash action is reminiscent of Devil May Cry as you tap rhythmically to rack up multi-hit combos on waves of mutants. It’s pretty basic to start off with, as you hammer the strike button while performing the occasional dodge or special move – both of which need time to recharge a limited-ammo gun.

As tougher foes arrive, things soon get a lot more sophisticated and the key to success lies in tactically timing your dodges and attacks. The combat system remains well-balanced throughout, as you gradually upgrade your mech suit and equip an arsenal of weaponry and special abilities via the ARK Kernel system. While there’s an RPG-like strategy in selecting equipment for your suit’s limited slots, the game is still mainly about showcasing your combat skills, particularly when you are taking on the big bosses.

Limited revives are offered for each level which does help you along, although these will affect the final grade given for your performance at the end of each stage. Completing certain criteria also earns you badges to trade for upgrades and abilities. Later in the game, you can unlock the Crimson character who has her own set of equipment and skills that require a slightly different style of play for you to get the hang of.

With some stunning visuals, quality voice-acting and an excellent soundtrack, it all adds up to an extremely compelling experience that is challenging enough to keep you busy for quite some time. It is well worth a purchase.