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iMovie Tutorial: Create a comic book-style movie

Blam! Paff! Ka-BOOM! Use post-production tools like titles and animated transitions to turn your footage into a comic book

Comic books (or graphic novels) have been popular for decades. One factor in their success is perhaps their interesting presentation of information, with the arrangement of panels on each page enabling the reader to focus on key story points.
This panel-based layout is a terrific template to present your video footage in, as you can make a few clips look much more interesting than they would if you simply cut them together. iMovie’s Comic Book theme pops your clips into comic-style panels, adding an extra level of colour to your productions. The animated, rostrum camera-style transitions add extra movement as they pan from one panel to another. You can even add comic book-style captions to help tell your tale!

1: Create new project
Go to File>New Project. Click the Comic Book theme. Untick Auto add transitions. Click Create. The Themes panel will show comic graphics and titles.

2: Import assets
Choose File>Import>Movies and add clips 01 – 08 from our disc into a new event. Drag the clips from the Event browser into the Project window.

3: Add title graphic
Drag the Comic Book title onto the first clip. Type in the title of your programme. Click Done. Trim the end point of the title so that it runs for two seconds.

4: Add comic transition
Drag Comic Book 1 from the Transitions browser between the first and second clip. Click on the transition’s icon. Drag the numbers onto clips.

5: Add new credit
Drag Credits 1 onto the second clip. Extend the title to overlap clips 2 and 3. Edit the text field to add the name of your show’s first ‘star’ to the animated title!

6: Title and transitions
From the Transitions browser place Comic Book 3 between clips 3 and 4. Pop a Lower Third 2 title over clip 4 and edit the text to name the co-star.

7: Add comic captions
Use the Comic Book 2 transition to move from the shot of the horse to the bear. Pop an Upper Third over the bear and edit the text. Click Done.

8: Link clips
Insert Comic Book 4 between clips 5 and 6. Extend the Lower Third 1 title over clips 6 and 7. This connects the two clips.

9: Musical finish
The comic book titles and animated transitions are snappy. Add an up-tempo track from the Music browser to help join the clips and graphics together.

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