iMovie for iOS tutorial: How to add themes to your projects

Find out how to create a stunning visual style for your movie in seconds by adding a theme to your iMovie project on iPhone or iPad. It's easier than you think.

iMovie iOS - Add Themes - Featured

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iMovie iOS - Add Themes - Featured
When you’ve not got long to piece together that perfect birthday party memory, it’s worth remembering that iMovie for iOS has a number of preset themes.
These themes let you quickly apply a distinct visual style, interesting titles, background music and styled transitions. Adding them is fairly easy and there’s bound to be one among them that suits your project to a T. What’s more, you can even choose to ditch the default theme music (which can feel a little repetitive) and switch it out for your own sounds. All of this can be achieved in just a few taps and a few minutes of your time, and the best part is, it will look like you’ve spent hours on it.

iMovie iOS - Add Themes - Step-by-Step

iMovie iOS - Add Themes - Step 1

Step 1: Text and titles

Titles, captions and other text-based elements all follow your selected theme and are a great way to break up your movie and introduce narrative. It all leads to a more professional-looking project.

iMovie iOS - Add Themes - Step 2

Step 2: Theme music

Theme music is great for creating an instant atmosphere in your films, but try not to use it too often – it can become a little boring. Spice things up by dropping in your own audio.

iMovie iOS - Add Themes - Step 3

Step 3: Swipe and choose

iMovie for iOS has a number of different themes to suit almost every occasion. Simply swipe through the selection available until you settle on one you like.

iMovie iOS - Add Themes - Step 4

Step 4: Kill the music?

The On/Off toggle underneath the Themes Browser lets you select whether or not the theme’s accompanying music plays along with your movie.