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iMovie annoyance


Apple really better explain what’s going on with iMovie or I’ll be forced to shout about a serious error in the Cupertino clan’s decision making.

We’ve all heard the iMovie ’08 debate. Yeah, it’s faster and it’s allegedly easier to use but it lacks half the features found in the previous version, iMovie HD.

Tonight is a case in point. I have some movie clips I want to publish but I want to add a little reverb to them for a nicer sound than the current flat living room tone.
Bereft of any iMovie ’08 audio tweaking beyond volume adjustments, ducking, normalisation and fading, I have had to export a project from iMovie ’08 in full quality (not a swift procedure), open it in iMovie HD to add the desired audio FX and then export the project again ready to be re-imported into iMovie ’08. I even encountered problems that required the use of QuickTime Pro to convert the video from iMovie ’08 into a format that could be used in iMovie HD.

The result? Over an hour spent converting before I came close to hitting the Share on YouTube option. I’m not going to lie, I’m writing this while I wait for the second of three movies to convert.

It’s all very well making iMovie accessible to the masses and easier than ever to learn but, beside from the obvious market share seeking, why punish us lovers (and masters) of iMovie HD, Steve? If I don’t see iMovie HD rebranded as a mid-range application before long (or some kind of FCE/iMovie HD amalgamation) I’m going to cry.

Funnily enough, although there are some cool new features in iMovie ’08, all I really want is a “Share on YouTube” option for iMovie HD. Then I’d probably be less bothered by the whole thing, use the previous version for my own editing needs and tell my blind grandmother with chronic arthritis and a severe drinking problem to try out iMovie ’08 because it’s really easy to figure out and, quite frankly, she wont care about the output.