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I’m an accidental Rod Stewart fan


Well, not exactly accidental, I’ve always liked his music but, I just wanted to share a cautionary tale with the readers of iCreate so you don’t fall into the same trap as me when it comes to using iTunes. Let me explain the back story:

Outside of work I’m a fairly lazy person. Perhaps lazy is too strong. I’m the kind of person who appreciates convenience. To that end, my old PowerMac G4 has taken up residence in my bedroom for iTunes wake up calls and checking out the news over an early morning coffee. The downside of this is that, in order to use the Mac, I need to run the mouse to my bedside, which inevitably gets snagged on anything from alarm clock cables to coat hangers.

After a couple of glasses of wine on Wednesday night I decided to enhance my morning music collection with a few old school gems from iTunes and, while mid-browse, inadvertently clicked the Buy Album button when my mouse and keyboard collided. I could have accidentally clicked on a single track or one of the sub-£5 albums but no, I now own the £14.99 The Story So Far – The Best of Rod Stewart.

So, if you’re browsing iTunes in “high risk” areas, and you’ve had a few drinks, always ensure that you head to your iTunes account settings and click the Reset Warnings button so you at least get one chance to change your mind before the download starts and your card gets billed.

For anyone interested, I’ve been listening to Hot Legs while writing this to somehow justify my accidental purchase.