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Hardware Review – iLuv i398

i398Manufacturer: iLuv
Price: £177

iLuv absolutely loves to pack technology into its units. The latest one we’ve had to test is the i398, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint! As well as the standard iPod dock, FM radio and auxiliary in with the iLuv i398, you can also take advantage of BluePin technology, which will allow you to stream music using Bluetooth. The i398 is quite a big unit and looks somewhat like a ghetto-blaster of the 80s! It’s even got a handle and the ability to take some massive batteries, so you can pop it up on your shoulder and bounce around the neighbourhood at any opportunity. The iPod docks on the top of the unit, and a ridge running across the top allows you to see what is going on through the LED display. You also have access to the controls. There’s a remote included too, so you’re not tied to the unit. Sound-wise, the i398 can really belt it out and we’re not sure if it’s meant for use as a main stereo or as a portable/bedroom system. It’s a bit too big for the bedroom or to be truly portable, and it looks a little too like a ghetto-blaster for the front room. That said, iLuv does know how to make good systems and this is no exception. The i398 has a powerful 45WRMs/90WPEAK output with built-in woofer, so you can get deep bass and clear highs even with the volume pumped right up. Functionality is great too, and iLuv makes sure that you can do everything you want to without excessive buttons and menus to contend with.

Practicality: 5.9

Design: 6.7

Value for money: 5.9

Features: 7.0

Durability: 7.0

Kung Fu Verdict: 6.9