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iLife Tutorial: Use the Align and Distribute tools in iWeb

Use a few commands from the menu bar to quickly move multiple objects on your page in a way that is much faster than with the dynamic guides.

By default, iWeb has alignment guides which are used to align objects with others on the page while dragging them: blue lines appear so that you will know if they are centred with each other or if their edges are aligned. This tool works extremely well when you’re working with one, or a handful of items, but it can get tedious very fast if you have to move many items this way.
Thankfully, Apple’s engineers have created other commands to help you speed up your workflow when dealing with many objects at a time (like, for instance, rearranging dozens of thumbnail images on a page). These are the Align and Distribute tools. They’re tucked away in a submenu and they don’t even have keyboard shortcuts assigned to them, but you’ll be glad you have them when the time comes.

1: Media sidebar
With the Media sidebar selected (if you can’t see it, go to View>Show Media), click on its Photos tab, then choose four or more of your pictures.

2: Dragging pictures
Drag these images onto your page. They’ll be overlapping each other, but all still selected. Go to the menu bar and click on Arrange.

3: Horizontal distribution
Start with Distribute Objects>Horizontally. The images will retain their vertical position but won’t overlap any longer.

4: Alignment
If you’d like them to be aligned, as if on a grid, you need to use another command. Click on the Arrange menu and this time, select Align Objects.

5: Three choices
Choose one of the last three options. Top or Bottom moves all objects to match the highest or lowest one’s position; Middle averages the positions out.

6: Vertical alignment
The top three options focus on the vertical axis. Select Left for all images to overlap each other, using the leftmost object as the alignment point.

7: Vertical distribution
To fix this quickly, go to Arrange>Distribute Objects>Vertically to evenly space out your images from top to bottom.

8: Inspector
Some may disappear off the page. So bring up the Inspector by going to View>Show Inspector (or by using the Option+Command+I keyboard shortcut).

9: Layout alteration
Choose the Page Inspector (first tab on the left). Click on the Layout tab and alter the Content Height parameter until you can see all your objects again.

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