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iLife Tutorial: Upload photos from iPhoto to Flickr

Share your pictures with the world in a couple of clicks...

iPhoto is undoubtedly an amazing application, but unless you’re willing to fork out for a MobileMe subscription, sharing your photos online with friends and family can be difficult, especially if they don’t have Facebook accounts.
This is where Flickr comes in. If you already have a digital camera and a Mac then you’re probably familiar with Flickr, but for those of you that aren’t, it’s basically an image and video hosting website. It’s free to use and all you need to create an account is a Yahoo! email address. You don’t have to worry about other people viewing your pictures – there are privacy options available so only the select few can access your account. There are several ways to upload photos from iPhoto to Flickr, but this is probably the easiest. With a few simple steps, you can set up iPhoto so that you can share pictures with just a click of a button.

1: Select photos
Launch iPhoto and create an album of pictures that you want to upload to Flickr. Then head to the bottom right of the iPhoto interface and click on the Flickr icon.

2: Set up
A window will appear asking if you want to set up iPhoto to publish pictures to Flickr; click ‘Set Up’. This will automatically launch your web browser, so you will need an internet connection.

3: Sign in and authorise
You’ll automatically be taken to the Flickr login page. Sign in with your details, if you don’t have a Flickr account, head to the ‘Sign Up’ link below. Follow the instructions and click the authorisation button.

4: Publish
When you return to iPhoto and click the Flickr icon, you’ll be asked if you want to publish ‘snaps’ to Flickr. Select ‘photos viewable by’ from the drop-down menu and click publish.