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iLife Tutorial: Publish to Flickr from iPhoto ’11

Show off your best photography by sharing your shots on the web using iPhoto’s fantastic Flickr integration.

Taking amazing photos is so much more fun when you can share them with the world. iPhoto helps you to do just that with seamless integration with Flickr, the world’s most popular photographic website. Head to and click the ‘Create Your Account’ button at the top of the page to get started. Signing up is quick, easy and free, and you’ll find that there’s a thriving community of photo-enthusiasts who are happy to spur on your creativity with encouraging comments. Once you’ve created an account, it will only take a moment to tell iPhoto about it and then you’ll be able to upload photos at the click of a button.

1: Share and share alike
Select a photo in iPhoto and click on the Share icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Choose Flickr from the pop-up menu.

2: It’s a setup
As you’ve yet to connect iPhoto to you Flickr account, a dialog box will pop up asking you to access your account info. Click the Set Up button.

3: Sign in to Flickr
Safari will open and take you to the Flickr sign-in page. Enter your account details and click the yellow Sign In button to connect.

4: Better safe than sorry

As a security measure, the next page explains what is happening. As you asked iPhoto Uploader to connect, click the right-hand Next button.

5: Authorisation
The final Flickr page explains exactly what the iPhoto Uploader will be allowed to do. Click the ‘OK, I’ll Authorize It’ button at the bottom.

6: All done
Close the Safari window and switch back to iPhoto. It will automatically connect to Flickr, receive the authorisation and then you’re good to go.

7: Try to share again
Now that you’re all set up, head down to the Share icon, down in the bottom-right corner and give it another try. Choose Flickr from the list.

8: Sets appeal

You can choose to upload to your Photostream, or existing sets or you can create a new set from iPhoto by clicking the ‘New Set’ icon.

9: Publish
Photos will be uploaded to existing sets straight away. If you create a new set, you’ll be asked to name it and set its privacy options.