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iLife Tutorial: Create custom events in iPhoto

Learn how to duplicate your photos and create custom events in iPhoto

Creating your own, custom-made event in iPhoto is the perfect way to organise your pictures. For example, the majority of us will take hundreds of snaps but only a few will be worth editing. How do you distinguish those images from the rest and what do you do if you edit them but then want to return to the original? In iPhoto it’s incredibly easy to duplicate your selected photographs and collate the copies into custom-made events, while still retaining the originals. Not only is this useful for organising photos for editing, this can also be a handy trick to learn if you’re collecting images of a particular person or group of people for an impending project such as a Calendar, Slideshow or Book. By taking a few simple steps you can have the freedom to experiment with different photo effects and editing tools knowing that the original images will always be safe.

1: Selecting images
Select the image you want to duplicate by clicking on it once. To select more than one image, hold down the Command key while clicking images. Once selected, they will display a yellow outline.

2: Duplicate
Hold down the Control key and tap on an image to make a drop-down menu appear. Select the option ‘Duplicate’. This will copy the selected images placing them next to the original.

3: Create event
Select only one copy of your duplicated images and head up to the ‘Events’ drop-down menu at the very top of the iPhoto interface and select the first option, ‘Create Event’.

4: Name
Your duplicated images will have been split into a new event. You can name the new event by typing into the blank field. You’re now free to edit your duplicated images without losing the originals.

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