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iLife Tutorial: Create a cool email collage using iPhoto

Apple has added a bit of sparkle to sharing pics via email, to tempt you back from Facebook and Twitter

While social networking sites are undoubtedly a great way to share individual photos with your friends, iPhoto ’11 is bringing new features to tempt you back to your email. In the previous version of Apple’s iLife suite, iPhoto’s email capability was pretty limited – select photos, get taken to the Mail app, attach photos to your message. Email was overlooked in favour of Facebook integration, as Apple tapped into the growth of the most successful way of sharing ever known. Now, iPhoto ’11 is enticing users back to email by giving them completely customisable layouts, a choice of templates and a range of fonts. The features are easy to use, and will help you make an incredible image to share in just a few minutes.

1: Open it up
First off you need to open up iPhoto ’11 and, as it’s a new feature, enter Full-screen mode to remove any other distractions from your view.

2: Choose your photos
Select the photos that you want to include in the collage, either by clicking and dragging, or choosing individual shots while holding the Command key.

3: Select email
Click on the Share button in the bottom-right corner of the screen to bring up a list of sharing options. Choose email from the list.

4: Address and subject
Add an email address and a subject to your message. If you have more than one email account you can choose which one to send it from too.

5: Choose a style
iPhoto includes ten collage templates to help you add a different feel to your photo collections. Choose whichever one suits your style, but be aware that selecting more than 10 photos will limit you to only the first two options.

6: Send extra photos?
iPhoto will automatically check the option to send the individual photos as a .zip file, but here you can uncheck it, or decide the size of the added photos.

7: Add a title
As in Apple’s iWork applications, you can click to edit the title and subtitle of the collage. Each collage style has a different setup, but all are customisable.

8: Change the font
There are a lot of fonts and sizes to choose from, and you can align your text from this tab. It also allows you to decrease line spacing, to fit more in.

9: Play with the images
Click on any image to bring up a slider. You can zoom in on the pictures and drag them around to get your collage looking just as you want it.

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