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iKeyboard for iPad – I Want One of These

Tactile feedback typing without carrying around a bulky Bluetooth keyboard - this the iKeyboard for iPad

If you own an iPad, it’s likely that you know just how difficult it is to type long articles or other pieces using iOS’s software keyboard. While the layout of the keyboard is great, for prolonged periods of typing, a Bluetooth keyboard, or often just a Mac, is much easier to use. For those who can touch-type especially, the software keyboard presents a problem. Not any more, however.

The keyboard features slightly raised, resistive bumps that offer just enough tactile feedback

The iKeyboard started life as a Kickstarter project which earned more than 6 times it’s target by raking in more than $26,000 after just a few weeks. Now, though, just over six months later, the project is finished and ready to ship to consumers around the world. And we really want to try one.

The adhesive strips attach the iKeyboard securely to the iPad

The keyboard uses strips of gentle adhesive to attach to the front of the iPad, and when you’re not using it you can either remove it completely or stick it to the top of your device. If you want to store your iPad, the iKeyboard is thin enough that a Smart cover will fit neatly over it (although we’re still not sure whether the screen lock would work – we will test it). It should also play nice with a number of cases, and those it can’t cooperate with will just mean you need to remove it before storage of your iPad.

The iKeyboard comes in black and white

There are instructions over on the company’s website on how to use the keyboard which neatly demonstrate the simplicity of the idea. There are no actual keys here, and nothing that needs powering, so really all you have to do is stick it to the front of your iPad in line with the Virtual keyboard and you’re ready to work. The raised bumps will provide feedback to enable quick typing, and while we don’t see this being so revolutionary that we throw out our Wireless Keyboards, it is so much more portable that it’s well worth the $35 it’s currently selling for on Amazon. It’s available there in black and white, but at the moment it seems both are out of stock, so we’ll be checking back regularly in the hope that the next shipment has arrived.