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iJust review

A new social media site to rival Facebook and Twitter, but does iJust deliver?

We’ve seen a wide range of social media startups appear on the Play store, and with decidedly mixed results, it can be a tough challenge to match the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. iJust tries to do something a bit different, with the aim of diverting some of the attention from these sites on to its currently small database of users.

The app takes a more visual-centric approach to social media, allowing users to share details about their life through images. To start with you’ll need to create a standard profile, from which people can then connect to you via. The profile system is a simple enough affair to complete, but when adding a profile picture, we encountered several problems with the app cropping the wrong part of the image. Compared to Facebook and LinkedIn, your profile page is far more basic in iJust, with just minimal details required. This works both ways, and where some people will being able to keep stuff about themselves hidden, others won’t be impressed with the lack of options.

The rest of the app is split in to 4 distinct sections that can all be accessed through the tabs at the top of the app. On the far right of the app is the News section. This is the closest thing you’ll find to a news feed, but the one part that doesn’t include any images. On this page you’ll be able to see a condensed list of everything that your friends have been up to, as well as quick links to their profiles. Next to that is the People section that houses the information regarding your current contacts. Each contact will have a corresponding thumbnail, as well as the distance they’re from you based on the GPS within your phone. By then pressing on one of the thumbnails you’ll be taken to their full profile.

The next tab is Grid, a collection of the most recent images brought together by your contacts. The principal is here, is that without many contacts, this section will be made pretty redundant as you simply won’t have enough content within it to want you to keep checking back. Being able to find people to connect to in iJust is a real problem, as there just isn’t enough interest in it yet, and for a photo sharing/social media site, the key is to have people uploading as many images as possible.

The saving grace however, is the List tab. This puts together all the sections together in a traditional news feed format, allowing users to comment and like pictures, as well as send direct messages to the uploader. There’s plenty of good features within iJust to make it stand out from the likes of Facebook of Twitter, but there simply isn’t enough interest in it to make it warrant a download just yet.