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iCreate’s Apple Tablet Watch: Countdown To Zero Hour – 27 Jan 10.00 am PST

The best rumours from around the web concerning Apple's next must-have gadget and what we're expecting to see...

macbook_tabletWe are now just a day away from Apple’s media event and, unsurprisingly, the web has exploded with last-minute rumours and even more “leaked images” of Apple’s upcoming tablet.

Here are the latest snippets of information on one of the biggest tech releases of the year. And yes, we know it’s only January but this is supposed to be really, really big… honest.

– Latest Updates –


– Apple’s financial conference call has provided a handy platform for COO Tim Cook and CEO Steve Jobs to big up the event tomorrow. Jobs even went so far as to mention “A major new product that we’re really excited about”

– There is suggestion that all US carriers will be available for the new tablet and/or iPhone and even suggestion that Apple’s event invite is code for this with the colours of all major carriers included as paint splats (seriously!).

– While you’re over at Mac Rumors for the last bit of news, check out the leaked images of the new tablet too… what do you think?

– It appears The New York Times will be the flagship newspaper app at the event with reports of Apple and the publisher working very closely over the last few months

– And our favourite and most encouraging rumour of the week thus far… Steve Jobs, apparently overheard by Tech Crunch sources, “This will be the most important thing I’ve ever done”. We just hope he was talking about the tablet…


– An unnamed source within the publishing industry with close ties to Apple has told iCreate that they expect a new Apple Pro App this year related to the tablet:

“While there have been rumours regarding the tablet and magazines, nobody has talked about how they will be created.” he said. ” A new app, perhaps a pro version of iWork’s Pages, would allow publishers to easily create content for the tablet without the need for coding. Otherwise, every time you pick up a new digital magazine you’ll have to learn how to navigate and use it…and we all know how Apple likes to keep a standard UI.”

– Valleywag’s $100,000 tablet Scavenger Hunt has brought about a vague confirmation from the most unlikely source – Apple’s lawyers! A cease and desist letter suggests at least the existence of a tablet and is one of the most substantial pieces of information on the topic to come from Apple.


– App Developer Chilli X sent us this link to a blog post discussing the tablet from a developer’s point of view. The possibilities are really quite exciting!

– Valleywag has launched a Tablet Scavenger Hunt with up to $100,000 on offer for information and photos or video of the tablet. Those interested should have a think about the legal ramifications first…

– The Boy Genius Reports lists a number of notes on the tablet from one of its sources including that it is “an iPhone on steroids” !!


– Mac Rumors reports that Apple has removed content from, the company acquired by Apple five years ago that pioneered many of the multi-touch features found in the iPhone that are also likely to feature in the upcoming tablet.

– TG Daily has been informed by an unknown source at CES that Apple has ordered a significant amount of 10-inch LCD and OLED screens, causing a delay in the supply chain from manufacturers in Asia.


– Stéphan Richard of Orange and France Télécom has “confirmed” the existence (and launch on Orange networks) of an Apple tablet with video conferencing capabilities (via Mac Rumors)

– 9 to 5 Mac suggests that Apple may be “shopping” its new tablet device to hospitals

– Reuters claims that the new tablet will have an aluminium housing and will ship in the second quarter of 2010

– 9 to 5 Mac also covers the possibility of the Apple tablet becoming a platform for creativity with a multi-touch-enabled version of iWork allegedly in development

The Name

Long referred to as simply “The Apple Tablet”, recent rumours have pointed to the use of the word “slate”. Small, grey, thin. We get the idea. The word first popped up during a speech by Bill Keller, executive editor of the New York Times during a speech to digital staff, reported by Gawker. His exact words were:

“I’m hoping we can get the newsroom more actively involved in the challenge of delivering our best journalism in the form of Times Reader, iPhone apps, WAP, or the impending Apple slate, or whatever comes after that.”

The name “iSlate” has also been rumoured with MacRumors discovering Apple’s registration of the website and TechCrunch discovering that Apple owns the trademark to the iSlate name.

tablet mock 2
The Design

The general concensus indicates that Apple’s tablet will offer a 10-inch screen. Far larger than the iPhone but far smaller than the 13-inch MacBook making a nice little netbook-esque niche. The New York Times’ Nick Bilton posted a well informed article highlighting the struggles of creating the perfect tablet:

“It’s important to understand how difficult these devices will be to produce, especially if done right. There are major hardware limitations with a real tablet….To make similar devices with a fully immersive color screen, you face problems with battery power, operating systems, price and a grab bag of other technical challenges. An affordable 10-inch screen capable of streaming video, with full interaction and a constant Web connection is going to require a power outlet every two hours.”

However, Boy Genius Report suggests that there could be a 7-inch tablet :

“It has been widely reported recently that the size of the tablet is 10″, but there was also talk about a 7″ model. Our connect said there is 100% a 7″ Apple tablet, to be announced in January, and whether this is in addition to a 10″ model, they don’t know.”

MacRumors also cites a Wall Street Journal article that mentions two different types of material allegedly considered for the device. Whether this is to be decided or different models will use different materials at different price points remains to be seen.

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