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iCreate Issue 106 – out now in all good shops and newsagents

We interrupt this special Learn Lion Week post marathon to bring you exciting news. Issue 106 of iCreate Magazine is available now! Sneak preview after the jump.

iCreate 106Oh yes, it’s that time again! We’re back with another jam-packed edition of the best create magazine for your Mac, iPhone and iPad and this month there’s one very big (and slightly obvious) cover star. With a little luck and a lot of money, we managed to get our hands on Apple’s new iPad and produce the definitive 16-page guide to everyone’s new favourite tablet. Thanks to our friends at we find out exactly what’s inside the device and what it means for you and, true to our creative roots, we’ve looked at every iLife for iPad app and cooked up some amazing tutorials for you to try out.

That’s not all that’s on offer though, oh no, we’ve also looked ahead to the much-hyped summer release of Mountain Lion and dedicated a fair few pages to explaining what Apple’s newest big cat does and why it’s worth the download. If you’re a fan of iOS then, chances are, you’ll be a fan of Mountain Lion and we’ve certainly sunk our teeth into the OS to bring you the Lion’s share of information about it. Enough puns, onwards to the creative feature!

iCreate 106 - Mountain Lion feature

This month’s creative feature takes a look at Apple’s recently-introduced iBooks Author app, and how it can be used for creative purpose that doesn’t involve, well, making books. We reckon it could make some pretty awesome interactive scrapbooks, and we’ve detailed exactly how you could go about creating your own. With a feature packed full of inspiration and creative ideas for a totally free app, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t already be at your local shop or newsagent, iPad and Mac in hand, giving it a go. Just remember to pay for the mag first.

iCreate 106 - iBooks Author feature

With the big guns out of the way, it’s time to remind you of what else awaits inside issue 106. As ever we’ve got all the latest news from the world of Apple courtesy of our man in the know, Stephen Ashby. We’ve got bucket loads of great creative tutorials to inspire you into creating some awesome stuff in this glorious pre-summer sun (well, we’ve got it here in Bournemouth) and, of course, there’s the regular round-up of reviews of the best kit and accessories for your Mac, iPhone and iPad. There’s also a few new surprises dotted amongst all 130 pages of the mag, but we’ll let you find them yourselves.

iCreate 106 - News

iCreate Magazine is available in the best shops and newsagents across the UK, US, Australia and all over the world. We’re also sitting proudly on Apple’s own Newsstand, so grab the app and get your copy instantly without  even leaving your house. Still prefer the feel of a great quality magazine between your fingers? No problem! Check out our great deals on physical magazine subscriptions over on our shiny new subscriptions website.

OH! And did we mention we’re now on Zinio? This super sweet platform means you can now view iCreate on a number of different platforms, including your very own Mac. You can either purchase a subscription or pick up a single issue over on Zinio’s website. At a discounted rate, of course.

iCreate 106 - New iPad feature