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iCreate Gallery: Your projects so far

The best user-submitted artwork, movies and creative endeavours so far

Over the last few months we’ve been asking for you to send us examples of your creative work. From Photoshop creations to iMovie projects, Instagram images and iBooks Author publications, you’ve sent us an amazing array of work. Some of the best we’ve had has since been featured in iCreate itself and we thought we would share some of it with you on the blog too.

This great piece from Andre Villanueva was one of the first we received. What a way to start. It was made using Photoshop
Andy Holt sent us a link to his iMovie project, shot and edited on his iPhone. If you have an iMovie project send us a link or file and some screen grabs and we can share it in the magazine. Watch it yourselves at
Another fine Photoshop offering, this time from Sharla Ahmed. The strong use of colour and interesting imagery make this a stand out offering.
Pat White sent us this image made with Tangled FX for iOS via Twitter
We were big fans of this submission from Ron Letkeman. Using Inkpad on iPad he created this wonderful cartoon image, reminiscent of Finding Nemo. He even sent us a work in progress shot, which was a nice touch

If you have something you would like to share with us and would like to see printed in the pages of iCreate then drop us a line at or tweet us @icreatemagazine. Alternatively, head to our Gallery submission post for alternatives for bigger projects and files.