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iCreate 112 On Sale Now!

The latest issue of your favourite Mac magazine is out right now in all good shops and on Newsstand and Zinio. Grab it, hot off the presses!

We know that you’ve all been waiting for this week for a long time – it’s a huge launch, and we’re already seeing huge queues outside the bigger shopping centres. That’s right, folks – the latest issue of iCreate is on sale TODAY and it’s the best thing to happen to iCreate since issue 111 of iCreate.

This month we’ve taken you into a Life Beyond iLife; we’ve taken a closer look at Apple’s professional-level apps – Aperture, Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro 3. Starting at the very basics, we explain why you will want to upgrade to each of these from your current iLife apps. We’ve also taken you through some of the very best features in each app, and helped you to get started with these more advanced options for your photos, movies and music.

However, that’s not all. While iOS 6 is now available for downloading, it’s not as simple as just downloading the update. Have you backed up your device to iCloud or you Mac? If not, you could lose all your data. Is there enough room on your device for the app updates that are going to be released for the new version of the operating system? We’ve answered all your burning questions here, and given you some great advice for making sure all your data is safe before you finally hit the Update button.

And, talking of iOS devices, our iPad feature this month is all about creative projects that you can complete with just your iPad, no extra accessories required. We’ve done everything to designing and printing a t-shirt to creating a comicbook to print out and give to your friends, complete with oversized text and dramatic photos. And, what’s brilliant about this feature is that everything we’ve done can be done on a single device with just a little time and effort.

Along with those great features we’ve also answered the biggest 25 questions asked by Mac users through the years, from “Do I actually need antivirus?” to “What’s the best way to delete apps?” and everything in between. Of course, the mag also features all the brilliant creative and OS X-based tutorials you’ve come to expect and love from iCreate, along with the latest and greatest Apple-related news from around the world, and reviews of all the coolest new accessories, apps and games.

If you want to get all of this fantastic content, and a lot more, you can grab the latest issue of iCreate from all good newsagents, on Zinio and Newsstand, from the Imagine Shop and on subscription. If you buy the physical copy you’ll even get a free disc that is absolutely packed with content for you to use in your projects.

Enjoy the mag!