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iBallz review

Keeping your tablet safe is paramount for a lot of people, especially when you consider the prices of higher-end Android tablets. Read on to hear our thoughts on an accessory that offers great protection, but in a different and unique way.. iBallz.

iBallz consists of four balls, with slots in, which tightly fit over each corner of your tablet. After prolonged use on the same tablet, the grip that each ball has on the corner of the tablet becomes more solid, giving you peace of mind when using them.

The balls can be tightened to fit the tablet better if need be, especially useful for smaller tablets. This is done by a small pull-cord attached to the iBallz, which is long enough to be useful, but not too long that it becomes an annoyance. In terms of protection, iBallz acts as a great shock absorber if you happen to drop the tablet, and the fact the balls take the tablet off the surface is helpful if you spill something near the device. We tried our set of iBallz on several tablets, ranging in thickness and size, and had no problems with attaching iBallz to any of them.

As well as offering a great level of protection for your tablet, iBallz can also be altered to make a useful stand for your tablet. Simply removing one of the balls from its corner and placing it behind the tablet offers a surprisingly sturdy stand.

As you can clearly tell, we love the iBallz. It isn’t the most sophisticated product we’ve ever seen, but what it sets out to do, it does brilliant well. For the price, iBallz is definitely a worthwhile piece of tablet protection worth investing in.