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I Want One Of These: Doxie Go Scanner

Scanners might well have a bad reputation as being clunky, unreliable and impossible to transport. But in the age where paperwork is dying out to digital, Doxie's Go scanner might just be subverting the stereotype.

Doxie Go & the iPhone - a perfect match

Doxie Go & the iPhone - a perfect match
Doxie Go & the iPhone - a perfect match

Whether you’re the not-so-proud owner of a standalone flatbed or your all-in-one isn’t quite cutting it, you have to admit that scanning isn’t exactly easy or convenient at best, and at worst it’s…well…dead. Not so fast though, say US-based Apparent Corporation. They’ve built a scanner that connects to your iPhone or iPad, and whilst we haven’t got our hands on one just yet, we reckon it looks pretty impressive.

The Doxie Go isn’t the first scanner that Apparent have fashioned, it’s actually slightly less effeminate brother of the Doxie and Doxie U. Unlike its scanning sisters it’s lost the pink heart branding and found itself a swanky black and white finish, a perfect match for your black iPhon 4S and white iPad 2, we reckon. What’s more striking than the classy colouring though, is the form factor – this thing is small, in fact it’s not bigger than your average Toblerone and it’s USB powered, so it most certainly ticks the portability box.

Doxie Go's web app makes scanning to the iPhone easy
Doxie Go's web app makes scanning to the iPhone easy

But what about functionality? Well, there’s a few boxes ticked here too. The Doxie Go will scan everything from the latest batch of business cards thrown at you in your day’s meetings to the A4 diagram you hastily sketched out on the train home. It’s pretty versatile and the included software for Mac looks fairly impressive, but it’s this iOS connectivity we’re really interested in.

Yes, you have to dig a little deeper to buy the connection kit, but we reckon the benefits well and truly outweigh the costs, especially when you’re without a laptop and need to email that all-important printout to someone.

Here’s the bad news, the Doxie Go isn’t available until late November, but the good people at Apparent are taking orders for it now. Same rules apply for that iPhone and iPad connection kit. But we think it’ll be worth the wait.