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I Want One Of These: WOW-Keys

Slot your iPhone into your keyboard and away you go... wait, what?

We have to admit, I do love my Apple Wireless Keyboard, and not just because it’s made by Apple. For me personally it seems to be just the right size, with the keys and equal distance apart and easy to press, allowing me to type quickly (which as you might have guessed, is rather important in a job like this). However, I am certainly willing to have my mind changed, and this beauty from CompuExpert might just be the keyboard to do it.

The WOW-Keys uses a unique design, adding an iPhone dock to the right of the keys to allow you quick access to your phone. But there’s a lot more to it than that: the dock allows you to sync your iPhone with your Mac and there are 12 hotkeys that allow you to control your iPhone without moving your hands over to it. There is also a button which will switch between iPhone and Mac control, allowing you to type on your small screen with a full-sized keyboard.

Finally, and possibly most excitingly, the potential is there for you to use your touch-screen phone as a touchpad for your computer. You will need some kind of third-party software to do it, but with apps like Mobile Mouse Pro available in the App Store for situations like this, it’s completely possible.

The WOW-Keys keyboard is available now from Amazon for the rather hefty sum of $99, although it’s sadly not yet available here in the UK. We’re hoping to grab a review unit at some point soon, so check in with future issues iCreate Magazine to get our full verdict.