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I Want One of These: The Trooper Limited Edition ClamCase

Type on your iPad like a trooper. And when I say trooper, I mean Storm Trooper. Oh yes.

Sure, the iPad’s software keyboard is great for typing short messages or brief notes, but most people would agree that for longer work, it’s a lot more preferable to have a hardware keyboard to type on. I personally really like the iPad keyboard and have managed to build up my speed quite nicely with it, but it just cannot compare to a hardware keyboard when working quickly. If software keyboards were better, companies like Apple would already be producing touch-screen key slabs for their lines of desktop computers. But they aren’t, because physical feedback provides a much better interface, and that’s why the clam case designs for the iPad have become so widespread recently.

The ClamCase guys have been around for a while now, and I have to say I’ve been a big fan of it in the past. Now, though, the designers have taken my desire to a whole knew level by designing a ClamCase that looks like it’s stepped straight out of the Star Wars universe and onto a desk. The Trooper case brings all the glossy black and white brilliance of a Storm Trooper to what is, effectively, a laptop casing for the iPad. We must clarify, however, that the Trooper case is, for legal reasons, totally not a Storm Trooper. While the design is familiar, and the logo is almost asking for a good suing, there is no relation between the two.

Whatever; the Tropper ClamCase is incredibly cool. There are a whole host of cool features: the case will unlock and lock the iPad 2 when you open and close it thanks to cunning placed magnets; the hinge of the case folds back through 360 degrees to allow you to use the your device at any angle; and the casing actually looks like it has employed a nice board layout that managed to fit normal-sized keys into the space. Sure, the ClamCase may weigh more than your iPad 2, but with up to 90 hours battery life from a single 90 minute charge, you can understand what it weighing the whole thing down.

The design is fantastic thanks to the glossy white polycarbonate with black highlights, and while it will set you back $149 and isn’t yet available outside of the US, we cannot help but love this adorable little piece of cannon fodder.

Check out the gallery below: