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I Want One Of These: Oddio1 Shuffle Headphones

Brilliantly designed headphones for iPod Shuffle that make wireless listening a great-sounding reality

One of the best things about the iPod Shuffle is it’s unbelievably portable. Still, if you want to actually listen to music with it, you’ll need to plug in headphones with their long chords. This can be fine in day-to-day life, but this chord can become seriously annoying, especially if you’re exercising. Bluetooth headphones aren’t an option with such a tiny device, so we’ve been waiting a little while for a solution which actually manages to solve the problem.

The simple design not only looks great, it should work perfectly too.

Thankfully, someone is clearly thinking along the same lines as us, as this rather elegant solution proves. The Oddio1 is a Kickstarter Project that hopes to fund development of a set of headphones that allow you to quickly slot in an iPod Shuffle and listen to your music without any wires at all.

The headphones include a small gap that allow you to access the controls on the side of the iPod, meaning even when they are on your ears, you are in complete control of your tunes. The also come in a range of three colours, so you could match your iPod up if you wish.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like this project is going to reach it’s funding goal (they’re more than $30,000 short with just over two days to go), so don’t expect to see these sitting on shelves any time soon. However, it’s great to know that great ideas like these are still being had; hopefully we can look forward to a lot more like this in the future.