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Multi-Touch Glass Keyboard and Mouse – I Want One Of These

Kickstarter has spawned some amazing tech projects, but this wireless keyboard and mouse for your Mac happens to be the most futuristic thing we've ever seen.

Multi-Touch Mouse and Keyboard
Multi-Touch Mouse and Keyboard

Remember watching Star Trek as kid and thinking that all the cool tech was real? Remember growing up and coming to the sad realisation that none of it actually was real? Well now you’re in the third stage of technological development. We’ve seen the crazy dreamt-up designs and the technological struggle to get anywhere near them, but now we can safely say tha the future is here. Why? Check out this awesome Kickstart project. That’s why.

The Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse is nothing short of incredible, all the way from the hyper-futuristic design to the incredible tech inside it that makes it all work, and whilst it might be a tad on the expensive side (you’ll need to shell out $350 in order to get your hands on both), there’s no denying that they’re the only peripherals that could sit in front of your iMac and look better than the Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad.

Multi-Touch Mouse from Kickstarter

Essentially, the keyboard and mouse work by sending an infrared light bouncing around inside the glass surface and when your finger presses down on the said surface, the infrared light is reflected down towards a camera which works out where abouts the light is coming from and sends that information wirelessly to your Mac. The real name for this is Frustrated Total Internal Reflection and it’s not exactly a new technology, but it is expensive, hence the high price tag.

Multi-Touch Keyboard from Kickstarter

If you’ve got the money though, this is a Kickstarter project well worth backing. Typing on glass is the ultimate way to look like you’re living in the future and the only thing that gets closer is Three’s new Live Shop in Sweden. Check the video to see what we mean.