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I Want One of These: Monster TRON Speaker Dock

Grab your Lightcycle and head inside for a look at the coolest speaker dock to ever grace our website.

There’s not a lot that you can say about TRON to those who haven’t seen it, but if you have seen it you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say it’s a geek’s dream. The recent remake, starring a disturbingly animated Jeff Bridges, brought the then-out-of-date franchise right up into the 21st century, with updated graphics, a new set of fantastic tools and weapons, and a thumping soundtrack from Daft Punk.

The glow of the dock in a dark room will make you feel like you’re sitting in The End of the Line Club

Now, you can enjoy that soundtrack in your own home, but feel like you’re living inside the Grid, thanks to this ridiculously awesome-looking dock from Monster. It houses speakers in the shape and design of a TRON Identity Disc from the recent TRON: Legacy movie; you can switch the lights on around the disc and they will glow a fantastic blue, and, even more excitingly, if you download the TRON app, the lights will flash and flicker in time with your music.

Even in daylight the dock will be the coolest thing in a room

Even the Hexagonal-buttoned remote looks exceptional, and thanks to the four 1.5″ Stereo High-Throw Drivers and the 3.5″ Long-Throw Woofer, the dock should manage to perform pretty well with your tunes as well. Touch sensitive controls on the front of the dock give you control over your music, with a button on the rear allowing you to change the blue glow level.

We admit, it’s very expensive for what it is, and other speakers will produce the same sound or better for less cash. But those speakers aren’t shaped like an Identity Disc, and they don’t glow blue. So why would you want them?