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I Want One of These: Mobile Mouse

The coolest way to control your computer through your iPhone or iPad.

I came across this just the other day when browsing the Mac App Store and was intrigued by how it worked. I soon learned that it wasn’t a Mac App as such, but rather an iOS app that needed the desktop version to function properly. And boy, does it function properly.

The premise is pretty simple – everyone uses a mouse for the computer, and they’re great, but what if your mouse is wired to your computer and you’re too far away? What if you want to make a presentation and not need to stand next to the computer? What if you want to use a tool with motion sensing abilities as an effective pointer on the screen? A tool like the iPhone, for example?


Mobile Mouse does just that, and what’s truly brilliant is that the developer, RPA Technology, have made the most out of the fact that the iPhone and iPad screen can be more than just a track pad. So yes, you have that ability, but you with the simple press of a button you can bring up a keyboard and start typing. With another you have full control over iTunes, or any other media application you want. With another you can use the specific buttons to surf the web. And with another you can return to the standard display, which shows your Mac dock on the screen so you can launch applications and switch between them with ease.

When you press the top right-hand corner of the screen, the screen changes again. Instead of a large clear panel you now have a button in the middle of the screen. If you hold it down and move your iPhone around in the air, the mouse moves on the screen. If you’ve used a Wii Remote you’ll instantly know what to do.

Add to that the fact it has multi-touch implemented (so you can pinch to zoom and use two fingers to right-click) and you have a great way to control your computer. Sure, it’s a little difficult to click the smaller buttons on the screen, but this isn’t meant to be a replacement for the mouse; just a fantastic alternative. Now, Apple – put a touch screen in your MacBooks in place of the trackpad, please?